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Archive for February, 2010


Tips for PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint is one of the most effective tools which have been used by most of the people along the world to make presentation. This application is so easy to use that almost every student tries to make his/her academic presentations on PowerPoint but there are some really important factors which should be kept in mind while making a presentation and in this article ther... More »


Tips for Using Natural Methods to Reduce Anxiety

Reduce Anxiety People along the world have one of the very common problems of depression/anxiety and the main reason for that is the stress which is increasing in today’s life. Many people have been noted to get panic attacks who suffered from anxiety but in some cases this thing really not happens. Depression is one of some psychological diseases which badly affect the social behavior of th... More »


Tips for Making Your Memory Sharp

Memory Sharp Memory is something which can assure a person’s success in life or his failure and if you take your brain as computer than you can say your memory a chip which needs up gradation otherwise it slows down in performance after some time. The Memory mechanism is quite a tough one and its maintenance is tougher as well but some procedures and exercises if practiced in the positive ma... More »


Tips for Personality Development

Personality Development Personality development is one of the most important tasks of one’s life which doesn’t want effort but determination and confidence in you. The personality is something which can leave ones impression in the mind of other people and if it is not good then you are nothing according to some experts, the human personality id the sum total of ways in which an individual... More »


Tips for Applying Lipstick

Makeup is one of the basic necessities of every female now days especially of the working women because every woman wants to look beautiful. But there are certain standard rules which should be followed if you want to look graceful and want good compliments for your makeup. Lipstick is one of the parts of makeup which is used more than often as it is not a symbol of fancy looks and it can be ea... More »