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Archive for March, 2010


Tips for Wearing Saree

Wearing Saree Saree is one of the most exciting and favorite dress of many of the eastern girls and in many countries of the world this is the traditional wear like in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, in those countries wearing a saree won’t be any difficulty for women but many things should be kept in mind while selecting and wearing a saree and many women are unaware of these simple... More »


Tips for Persuasive Speech

Persuading people to respond in a particular way is a main logical point behind any speech and everybody wants this result through their speech but most of the times we fail to get this target and the weakness are surely in our talks and ways of expression. There is no standard style of speech that can lead to persuasive attitude of others but if some common things are kept in mind then any spe... More »


Tips for Cleaning a Microwave

Cleaning Microwave Cleaning the kitchen and its electronics is the main concern of most of the house wives of the world and this is because these appliances are used at their maximum in the daily routine and if they carry germs and bacteria due to dust and remains of food cooked in them, then the food will carry those germs as well and thus there is a big risk of getting ill. Oven is one o... More »


Tips for Perfect Career Planning

Perfect Career Career planning an activity which should not be performed once in life and then left behind but it should stay with us throughout the passage of life as this is not just an activity but a passion which can take you to your destination. Career planning is not as such a kind of difficult activity and any one can carry on this in his/her life if there is a passion to reach a high p... More »