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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tips for Wearing Saree


Wearing Saree

Saree is one of the most exciting and favorite dress of many of the eastern girls and in many countries of the world this is the traditional wear like in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, in those countries wearing a saree won’t be any difficulty for women but many things should be kept in mind while selecting and wearing a saree and many women are unaware of these simple facts. In this article some of the very simple tips or we can say suggestions are given which can make you look more adorable and beautiful in saree.

  • Photo by Indian Sarees

    Photo by Indian Sarees

    Those women who have dark skin color should have to be specific while selecting the color of saree and the perfect ones for them are green, maroon or dark pink etc. which are all the dark colors.

  • Those women who are of the slimmer physique should go for cotton saree, tissue saree and Tapeta silk saree as they bring a healthier look and slimmer women must go for these stuffs so that they look healthier and attractive.
  • For the women who have the healthy body stuffs like Georgette, chiffon or chignon should be preferable as they tend to give a slimmer and smarter look.
  • Sarees with small or no borders are best for shorter heighted women as the big borders tend to make you look shorter.
  • If you are going for printed saree then don’t go for the bigger or huge prints as they tend to give flashy and huge look and delicate prints gives a very sweet and delicate look.
  • If you are carrying saree in your daily routine then it would be better to pin it up so that you remain comfortable whole day.

These were some of the tips which every saree wearing women should care for if they want to look beautiful and attractive.


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