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Archive for August, 2010


Tips for Being a Good Boss

Being a boss of a team of people really seems to be an exciting feeling but are you so selfish that you want to enjoy it alone, enjoying your happiness with others will make it double or even more so if you have become leader/manager of other people then make it sure that they also enjoy working under you. A Boss is always thought to be a creature that carries wrinkles on the forehead and al... More »


How to improve English Vocabulary

Improve English Vocabulary To be a good writer is an aim of many people but a main hurdle which comes lots of time in this path is the weakness of vocabulary, in our educational career we had started learning English right from the first class but still being a foreign language it gives hard time to many people worldwide. Though we had become aware of English in our childhood but still lack of... More »


Tips To Keep Your Laptop Cool

A laptop is no doubt one of the most valuable technology assets that one owns, not because of its price, it is valuable because it makes each of every of your work possible with more ease and portability.   The laptop carries a very low internal space as compared to the desktop computers and as a result of this, the cooling system of laptops is not quite well and the laptops get hot very soon... More »


How To Handle Stubborn Kids

Stubborn Kids Usually people fantasize about the post marital life; playing with butterflies and flowers, sliding down the rainbow and running around gardens singing love songs. When the reality comes down upon them, it takes long for them to get out of the brutal shock. All of us should keep in mind that marriage, apart from love and care, is about responsibilities and maturity. When two peop... More »