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Computers and Technology


4 Most Popular Lenevo Laptops in India

4 Most Popular Lenevo Laptops in India

Nobody can deny the fact that laptops have now become a necessity rather than a luxury that it was until a few years ago. An essential device that earns points for its portability, the laptop is used by everyone, for almost all their needs. In this market of laptops, there is one brand that has constantly been applauded for its simplistic yet durable designs, amazing specifications, competitive... More »


Keep Your Laptop in Tip Top Condition

Laptop in Tip Top Condition Most of the people consider laptop as important part of their life. As we know that laptop is very expensive electronic and one can easily move it from one place to other. Laptop has interfered in the life of so many people like for student it helps them to complete their assignment on time, for professional it helps them to do researches and record important data, ... More »


Tips To Keep Your Laptop Cool

A laptop is no doubt one of the most valuable technology assets that one owns, not because of its price, it is valuable because it makes each of every of your work possible with more ease and portability.   The laptop carries a very low internal space as compared to the desktop computers and as a result of this, the cooling system of laptops is not quite well and the laptops get hot very soon... More »