4 Cool Tips For Enhancing Your Beauty Regime

We all want to look fabulous. But, do you have the right beauty regime in place? Of course, many of us take to washing our hair in silicone free shampoos. Others like to cleanse tone and moisturize every night. But, a good beauty regime must go beyond this. In fact, there are some cool and alternative ways that you can change your beauty regime. This is to ensure that you look picture perfect all of the time. Say goodbye to bed head! Wave adios to less than perfect photographs! Now is the time to enhance your beauty regime and maximize your oh-so-stunning looks.

  1.    Check Out Your Smile

How does your smile look? Do you have a kick ass smile? If not, why not? With an extensive range of dental DIY treatments on the market, there is no excuse. Our smile can affect our confidence. But, more importantly, it can decrease the overall look of our beauty. A yellow, crooked smile is so last year. Now, it’s time to embrace your orthodontist. According to Skelton Orthodontics, PLLC, you can seek treatments for invisible braces, implants and veneers. This is the easiest way to enhance your beauty regime. Kick start your dental care and feel gorgeous all of the time.

  1.    Hair Masks and Oil Treatments

Shampooing and conditioning are something that many of us do all too regularly. Let’s cut to the chase, you are washing your hair too much. You only need to wash your hair three times per week. But, more importantly, you need to treat your hair to a hydration routine. Curlers, straighteners and rollers can all have an impact on the hydration of our hair. Make sure that you are giving your hair a drink on a weekly basis. Intensive hair treatments and hot oil masques can give your hair a shiny, glossy appearance. Do be sure to only apply these treatments weekly as any more than this can make your hair dried out. Make your hair your crowning glory.

  1.    Don’t Forget About Your Nails

Nail extensions have become something of a fad. But, these can have an adverse impact on the quality of your nails. The key to beautiful nails is to get rid of the acrylic. Invest in rose oil cuticle treatments to stimulate healthy growth. Rose oil is the most effective nail treatment as it ensures that your nails are massaged gently. The skin around your nails is very sensitive. Abrasive filing and extensions can damage your nails leaving them susceptible to infections and broken cuticles. It’s all about rose oil. So, invest and make your nails healthy, the natural way.


  1.    Rest, Sleep and Chill Out

Rest is fundamental for your beauty regime. The average recommended amount of sleep, that we all need is around six to eight hours per the night. Make sure that you are fully rested. This will help your skin beat the signs of aging. Your skin will glow. But, you will also avoid wrinkles and sallow effects. Get plenty of sleep and relaxation. Your skin will benefit from this, thus making you look gorgeous.

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