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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Combat These Early Signs Of Aging With Ease


Youth is marvellous. We feel energetic, vibrant, and intelligent. Our bodies are flexible and fast, and our faces are fresh. Then we hit thirty. Things start slowing down. Our reactions aren’t quite as sharp as they were. There may be a few gray hairs on our heads. And the appearance of wrinkles is starting to give our age away! You can push back the onset of those pesky signs of aging, though. Try some of these easy tips to give yourself another ten years of youth:

Keep your body fit, toned and trim. Exercise, like jogging, can do wonders for the body, mind and face. It improves the circulation enormously. This helps remove water retention and bloating. It aids digestion and helps remove toxins from the body much more quickly. Daily exercise not only keeps us slim and fit, but it helps stave away those pesky dark circles and saggy skin.

Image Credit: By GromovatayaIrina

Image Credit: By GromovatayaIrina

As we get a little older, the body becomes less efficient and metabolising the foods we eat. Processed foods, in particular, can cause problems. Weight gain is easier as we age, and we tend to do less activity after the kids start school. That means we can afford to eat a little less. And what we’re eating should be purposeful. That means eating foods with nutritional benefits rather than snacking for the sake of something to do.

After the age of thirty, the last two decades of coffee drinking will start to hang about on the teeth. Extra oral hygiene care is essential if you want to keep all your teeth and gums healthy for another ten years. Whitening is a great way to help you keep a youthful smile. You can try homemade teeth-whitening remedies or speak to your dentist about achieving a cosmetically enhanced smile. And a confident smile can help reduce stress too!

Women’s hair changes in their thirties and forties. It becomes thinner and loses the natural vibrancy of color. If you are going to dye your hair, it’s important to choose products that are right for your hair type, so you avoid any damage. Thinning hair may look better in a different hairstyle too. This could be the perfect time to try a whole new look. Pick a style that suits your face shape. There is no need to be dowdy, so pick something trendy too.

Image By: By GromovatayaIrina

Image By: By GromovatayaIrina

As busy career, driven parents, the average thirty-year-old can find momentary lapses of concentration or memory. This is all normal and not something to worry about. But pushing the boundaries of your mental capacity now could stand you in good stead for the next thirty years. Regular crossword puzzles or sudoku are a great way to keep your brain ticking over. Improving your organizational skills could also help you make sure nothing gets forgotten along the way.

The thirties are a great age. And they are the perfect years to set up good habits for the rest of your life. As you thunder toward the forties, you may pick up a gray hair or two. But that’s just your wisdom showing!


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