ASHA Helps Trojan Condoms for Condom Sense

Do you believe that your sexual health is really important? Although, many people never think about this but many believe that sexual health is really important because they would not want to have sexual problems that can actually affect their lifestyle. Normally, people make use condoms that can help them to keep sexual problems at bay but there are many cases where people have been affected with sexual problems even when they using condoms. Trojan Condoms have been making condoms for more than 90 years now and they do not believe that condoms can have problems because they are made under strict protocols and technology.

Hence, the company has decided to come up with better campaign that will spread awareness and information about condoms to the people in the United States. The company will now come up with Get it on with Condom Sense that will bring all the consumers together and provide them with actual information on sexual problems. This will help the consumers to take care of their health and make the right use of condoms that they buy. The campaign will also provide with various video presentations that will make it easier for the people to understand the basics of condoms.

Trojan Condoms have been working hard on this project because they believe that with the right kind of information and awareness they will be able to bring down the number of problems that arise because of improper use of condoms. Since they have the right information they will provide that information to the consumers through videos and other tools that they have. The company has teamed up with American Social Health Associations (ASHA) that will help Trojan Condoms to develop better tools and to promote the campaign in different states all over the America.

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