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Women’s Health


ASHA Helps Trojan Condoms for Condom Sense

ASHA Helps Trojan Condoms for Condom Sense

Do you believe that your sexual health is really important? Although, many people never think about this but many believe that sexual health is really important because they would not want to have sexual problems that can actually affect their lifestyle. Normally, people make use condoms that can help them to keep sexual problems at bay but there are many cases where people have been affected w... More »


“Vasectomy Reactions” Video is an Attempt to Create Awareness

“Vasectomy Reactions” Video is an Attempt to Create Awareness

Essure is an undeviating contraception course of action that works with the body to generate usual barricade against pregnancy. This practice can be performed in doctor’s office in couple of minutes without going under general anesthesia. The makers of Essure show why men do not want vasectomies? released a funny video. Men were asked about the vasectomy as a permanent birth control options f... More »


Battling Women Bladder Problems

Health is one universal topic that everybody is interested about, but there are certain health problems that never get the kind of attention they deserve. There are various women health problems that have been brought into limelight, but still less is known about bladder control problems that most women suffer from on a daily basis. Bladder issues are very common but they are rarely spoken abou... More »


2011 Miss America

Miss America beauty pageant is run by the Miss America Foundation.  It has gained many achievements and given hope to so many young women.  Rather than running the pageant, it gives sponsorship to women for them to continue with their education.  Last year, it deposited 45 million to assist these women in pursuing their education. So many young and beautiful American women are full of hop... More »


Gynaecologists finally have a tampon they can recommend

A new bold innovation for feminine protection the RepHresh Brilliant pH tampons coming from the makers of RepHresh Vaginal Gel & RepHresh Pro-B. Since the invention around 9 decades back in the year 1929 tampons have been developed for serving a simple and basic purpose of absorbing and retaining fluids. But with the launch of the RepHresh Brilliant pH Tampon, Tampons got smarter now. Th... More »