Go Shopping this Holiday Season to Help America’s Youth

It really helps to know that someone cares for the poor and the disadvantaged youth and children in America. Millions of children in US today live in poverty and have little hope for a better future. Sometimes it gets difficult to break the vicious cycle of poverty as children of poor parent often end up begin poor and thus the cycle continues. Official poverty statistics present a grim picture and point to the growing number of children living in poverty in US.

Thankfully, there are individuals and organizations that care for these poor and the better future for the nation. Working towards providing a better lifestyle for these disadvantaged youth and children, they are helping build a stronger America. Remember that these poor children lead a life of poor quality and most of them never complete their education.

The celebrity Mario Lopez has taken the initiative and shown people a unique way of doing some charity. Along with BGCA he is encouraging hundreds of people go shopping this holiday season with partners of BGCA.  Give the gift of a great future with Mario Lopez and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. You will spend money on shopping as well as on charity work without you even knowing it, for a small portion of whatever you spend will go in the welfare of these disadvantaged youth and poor children of America. Believe us, you will feel much better shopping this season.

Help open four million doors to four million children at risk this holiday season. Ensure a better life, improved health care, good education, and a sound moral foundation for these children. Help protect them from abuse and neglect of life for no fault of their own. We promise you will not feel guilty shopping this holiday season! Join hands with BGCA and support Lopez.

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