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Writing and Speaking


Tips for Fluent English Speaking

Tips for Fluent English Speaking

Fluent English Speaking As you know that English is the global language that everyone’s speak throughout the world and this is the language that helps different nations to communicate and share their thought, their businesses and other such things. Speaking English will surely be not a task for someone whose mother language is English but for those who had spoken their own mother language fr... More »


Tips To Write an Email for a Job

Tips To Write an Email for a Job

Write an Email One of the most popular ways for searching jobs is the internet as it carries information from all along the world and another great benefit is that the person can personalize his search according to his specifications and thus get the more accurate results. While searching for the job online the thing which deserves the maximum importance is your email that you are supposed to ... More »


Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the most hottest topics of now days because copying material from some other source has become very common and even if someone doesn’t intends to actually copy other work but paste some lines from the others material still it is considered as a crime so it is very necessary now days to mention the source if you are taking some material from there. Or the writers who want ... More »


How to Write a Formal Business Letter

Formal Business Letter Business letters are written to accomplish different business tasks. It is used for communication between two organizations, between organization and their customers, clients or external parties. Body of the letter is changed according to its subject matter i.e. letter of complaint, letter of inquiry or job letter. However, in any type it is different from personal lette... More »


Resume Writing Tips

Resume Writing Tips Resume is kind of a self promotional document which mirrors your eligibility and capability in front of an employer. You might have heard that ‘first impression is the last impression’ and your resume is the first impression of you in front of employer so try to make it as essential and detail-worthy as you can. In this article I am going to give you some res... More »