Child’s Growth and Development

In order to take up issues in education, United Way of the National Capital is working with several charities and community partners. The whole idea is to provide adequate education for children in the concerned regions. Their sole aim is to allow each child rightful access to all available means of help and hence support child’s development by allowing them to reach their goals and achieve success. This campaign of the organization is supported by their slogan, “Ever Child can learn.”

They also provide with certain suggestions and tools to help significant encouragement to these children and help them prosper.

The movie ‘Waiting for SUPERMAN‘ promotes the idea that every child is always ready to take in new things and without these negative circumstances, he/she can definitely succeed. The campaign is not aimed at asking you for money in the form of donations. It rather wants you to spend some of your time usefully in learning a child’s mind and hence helping in working towards child’s development.

Additionally, online tools and education e-newsletters are always there to help you ensure wise investment of your time and money. Also, there is a community conversation guide created by DC Promise Neighbourhood where one can register to access their e-newsletters.

The organization believes that it needs to assess the resources available to these children first and then go about taking help from solutions provided by advocates of the education fraternity about the roles that can be played to help child development and support. Currently the organization is planning out how usefully they can spend time with these children to help achieve positive results from both the time they spend and money they have put in.

United Way of the National Capital Area has a history of serving the districts of Northern Virginia and Montgomery & Prince George’s Countries for more than 35 years now. Their sole aim is to inspire acts of caring in the masses through their efforts. One can visit or call at 2024882000 to know more about the organization, its initiatives and results.

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