Battling Women Bladder Problems

Health is one universal topic that everybody is interested about, but there are certain health problems that never get the kind of attention they deserve. There are various women health problems that have been brought into limelight, but still less is known about bladder control problems that most women suffer from on a daily basis. Bladder issues are very common but they are rarely spoken about because women do not like to talk about it. On the other hand, there are very few women who take their bladder issues seriously and report it to their urologist.

However, Medtronic along with other women health advocacy groups have started a campaign known as Facing Our Moment Together where information about overactive bladder is provided to the women that suffer from bladder problems. In one of the researches done in the United States it was found that there are 33 million women in America that suffer from bladder issues but they would never like to talk about it in the open.

However, events like bladder health awareness month started by Medtronic are encouraging women to come forward and eradicate the bladder issues so that they can live their life with all the enthusiasm and energy.

Overactive bladder is also known as OAB and it can happen to women if they are not particular about their lifestyle. Most women often live a hectic lifestyle because they have to take care of their personal and professional life and that can take a toll on their health. With the help of these events women across the United States can come together on one single platform where they can discuss and get the right information on how they can improve their life and get rid of their bladder control problems.

The campaign is also supported by various women health groups like Accidental Sisterhood Foundation and Women’s Health Foundation who urging women across the nation to come forward in making this event a success. Some health experts in United States believe that one in every six women in the United States suffer from bladder issues but they never really pay attention to it in the initial stages which ultimately ruins her personal and professional life.

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