Decor It Yourself

Changing the feel and look of a room seems tough for some people, even though it is possible for a makeover in just a weekend. With a few tips suggested by HGTV’s CHIP WADE & Levolor one can actually transform their home in a very short time. Levolor and Lowe have teamed up offering a Levolor Custom Size of windows treatments of different blinds and shades which could easily be customized by cutting in few minutes and installed in just a single day.

In order to do some changes and change the look and feel of a room here are some handful tips by Wade by which you Decor it yourself:

  • Transform the View: With Levolor Custom Size windows treatments one gets the options of appropriate colour combination and texture palette suiting a room. These treatments have been so well designed that it allows appropriate light and privacy to be maintained in a room. For more details on these installation and get the right measurements for your home visit
  • Rearrange the Furniture: The simplest thing that is possible to transform a room is by arranging the furniture in different ways keeping the scale of arrangement in mind. It should be so arranged so that it allows ample space for foot traffic which is précised and linear. Suggested measurement of a pathway is around 5 feet. The arrangement should be such that the room creates a sense of ambiance in the space.
  • Turn Something Old into Something New: Some old stuff could be used to create some new decor items for rooms and this also seems a practical option for a DIY project.
  • Paint Your Personality: With a fresh coat of paint one can dramatically change the ambiance and look of a room. It should be kept in mind not to use paint which is too dark in small rooms with lower ceilings. Soft colours with earthy palette are also a great choice.
  • Accent & Accessorize: One can incorporate unexpected elements such as vibrant colors or rich textures which can make a room warm and relaxed. Space-enhancing mirrors, funky pillows or baskets are also one of the things that could be tried out.
  • Bring the Green Indoors: To enhance your room indoor plants also serve as a very good option, not only they serve the purpose of taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen in the home they also provide an aromatic way to add life to a room.
  • Small Change = Big Impact: By a change in the outdated hardware in a room furniture or a kitchen cabinet on can completely change the look and feel of a room.

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