P&G and Kroger; Strategic Partners of USO Campaign

P&G and Kroger honoring our heroes USO campaign is a step taken by P&G and Kroger to help the American troops and families. Both of these renowned names have joined with USO as its strategic partners to play a part in the accomplishment of mission of USO. USO is a non profit organization and works for the benefit of American troops and their families. Sloan Gibson USO president said, “We work every day through proven, cost-effective programs and services to relieve the tremendous burden our men and women in uniform shoulder on behalf of our nation. That is why partnerships with corporations like Kroger and P&G are so critical to our ongoing successes.”

Since 70 years USO is providing innovative programs, decisive services and held other entertainment events to raise the spirit of American troops and it manage its services through 160 locations worldwide. In order to play the roles of strategic partners, Kroger and P&G have formed a digital break to virtually “shake the hand of a hero” i.e. the apt gesticulation to use with US troops in uniform to show gratitude to them for their service to motherland (America). P&G Kroger Team Leader Mindy Thompson-Sherwood said, “This year alone, more than 50,000 troops will be returning home from active duty – having done their part to help keep our country and its citizen’s safe. This program allows us to help consumers express their own gratitude to all the men and women who make such great sacrifices for our country.”

Kroger contributed US $250,000 in the New USO campaign by P&G and Kroger to honor our heroes. P&G and Kroger have joined with USO in order to offer new special programs and services to troops and their families. A number of national and multinational companies are helping USO to accomplish its mission i.e. AT&T, BAE Systems, American Airlines, The Coca-Cola Company, The Boeing Company, Clear Channel Communications, Lock heed Martin, Microsoft Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Procter & Gamble and Tri West Healthcare Alliance are the strategic partners of USO.

Such campaigns are need of the day to increase the morale of armed forces so that they could better perform their duties.

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