Hanvon is working on the Strategy of Continuous Innovation

Hanvon is an eminent name in the World of electronics. Hanvon new-generation consumer electronics like design and development in handwriting recognition and OCR and biometric recognition related products e.g. e-book readers, graphics tablets and displays and ERT and biometric solutions are very innovative. Hanvon trend leading consumer electronics has set new trends.

Hanvon’s R&D department is its backbone. At CeBIT 2011 Hanvon will display its 6 products.

1. Hanvon F710

It is Hanvon biometric optical character recognition solution for face identification. Facial recognition system is rooted with dual sensor facial recognition algorithm in F710. It is the very thing for commercial sector especially banks and enterprises.

2. Touchpad (Tablet PC)

Hanvon understands the importance of Tablet PC that’s why it is going to introduce Touchpad which is new-generation Tablet PC. It is actually designed for the businessmen. TouchPad is very stylist and trendy product that Hanvon is going to launch in CeBIT 2011. Hanvon has made it possible with the help of Microsoft and Intel. It is light weight and its body is 18 mm thick. Its screen resolution is 1024×600. It operates on Microsoft Windows 7.

3. PenDisplay-Hanvon SenTIP

SenTIP is classic combination of high definition LCD and graphics Tablet technology. It is a unique wireless passive electromagnetic technology. In order to display bright and life like colors it uses LED backlit display technology. When paired with projection screen, one can use it in demonstrations, presentations and teaching exercises.

4. Hanvon Hpad

Hanvon Hpad is a Tablet PC. It has thin body with 10.8mm thickness. It features Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, handwriting recognition function and dual cameras. With this Tablet PC one can take leisure, office and entertainment everywhere. It uses the Android 2.2 operating system.

5. Hanvon Art Master III (Graphics Tablet)

It is the professional Graphics Tablet. It is the must-have for professionals in creative industries. It can provide a facility of depiction, copying and painting better than the traditional manual painting.

6. e-book readers

Now reading e-books can be easy with Hanvon’s WISE reader and color WISE reader. Resolution of these e-readers is 200dpi which makes the reading an easy and interesting experience.

Hanvon trend leading consumer electronics are the true reflection of Hanvon’s efforts to innovate the high quality consumer electronics. Let’s see, Hanvon new-generation consumer electronics will meet the expectations of people.

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