PNC Announces New Customer Accounts to Help Customers save Money

Globally, customers want all in one solution. Especially when it comes to banking sector, customers prefer the bank that offers the best financial solution. PNC bank, member of the Financial Services Group, Inc provides easy banking. PNC bank helps customers save money. It offers a wide range of services to its customers depending on the Customer-Bank relationship.

PNC bank announces new accounts to help customers save, manage money and avoid fees. How come? On 1st March it announced new checking accounts and rewards based on banking relationship. PNC has incorporated these changes after a research (customer survey). After taking opinion of above thousand customers PNC bank has decided to offer more valuable services to its customers. The fact behind this decision is to retain customers and win new customers.

PNC Virtual Wallet

Savings, money management and rewards are the most common concerns of all the banking customers. PNC bank has added some innovative features in Virtual Wallet to provide better alternative to its customers. Virtual Wallet was launched in 2008 and its purpose was to enable the customers to access the accounts on-line and via cell-phones. A part from it, it also provides opportunity to its customers to save money, manage spending and avoid mistakes. It also includes features like no monthly service charges, no minimum balance, free over-draft protection, free account transfers, over 6,400 free PNC ATM, competitive high-yield interest. PNC bank announces new accounts to attract new customers and retain its existing customers.

What will be the Account Updates?

You will be curious to know what account updates will be available, new enhanced account that will be available from March 27 will include a lower balance threshold, relationship pricing on deposit and loan rates and enhanced credit card rewards. As mentioned above, PNC Cash Builder Visa, PNC Points Visa and PNC Flex Visa Credit cards will be available on customer’s banking relationship, and its up-to customers they can include these cards in Virtual Wallet for incorporated view across debit and credit payments.

It’s factual that PNC bank helps customer save money, its Virtual Wallet and Virtual Wallet students includes additional budgeting and money management tools and bonus reward points with PNC credit cards. It shows that PNC is concern for all the customers.

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