Hooters Selects their New Model of the Year

The Hooters International Pageant took a new leap this year with many interesting and wonderful aspects being added to the regular pageant. Apart from the wider international coverage that got brought into the pageant a new record was also set in packaging dry food as a form of Haiti relief helped by the Hooters pageants. The contestants came from the diverse Hooters locations across the world which spanned 29 countries. The Swimsuit Competition was however not a contest in choosing the most beautiful representative but someone who accompanied all the additional features of personality, beauty, glamour and interactive nature.

The winner, LeAngela Davis of Ohio fit the scores perfectly being crowned the international Hooters representative of the year. The esteemed panel of judges found her to be the perfect match for the annual representation for her igniting personality, beauty and well spoken nature. According to the event director, Beth Taylor, they found the perfect Miss Hooter in this gorgeous beauty. The international pageant had also included other titles like Ms Photogenic, Viewers’ Choice, Miss Hooters World and Miss Congeniality. All these prizes gave cash or high value prizes. Prizes were also given as cash award to the top ten finalists of the pageant.

The top 4 finalists were Rachel Mortensen, Ashleigh Dunn, Susan Murray and Janet Layung. These top winners received cash money ranging from $15,000 to $7,000 according to their positions. The top ten finalists who received $2,000 each were Theresa Trujillo, Chelsie Hurst, Elizabeth Johnston, Tia Jackson and Lindsey Way. Ms Photogenic award was given to Sam Arena who represented Hooters of Cumberland, GA. She received a photo shoot of $5,000 value as prize. Ms Congeniality went to Jamaica Nicolson of South Africa while Miss Hooters World went to Naty Gaviria from Colombia who received $2,500 and $5,000 each as prize money. The Hooters Viewers choice award was given to Stephanie Haney who received the majority of votes via text and Facebook votes that were cast during a certain period of time around the campaign.

Hooters Inc. is the franchisor of over 450 Hooters restaurants spread out through the 43 states of America along with 26 other nations. As Hooters look forward to expanding their international campaign their pageants now take significant international leaps in exploring representatives from across the world. The well known menu of Hooters features fun and light beach themes and keeping their representation in mind, Hooters choose their brand ambassador accordingly.

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