Paint Makeover Tips

The Ace Hardware announced to offer a reward paint makeover to a high school in every state for the winners of the Helpful Hands campaign. To facilitate this further the company has entered into a partnership with some local stores in several parts of the country. This collaboration comes with an aim of giving a $2000 paint makeover to the high schools. Besides this Ace is encouraging others to have a paint makeover by taking help from some tips by Lou Manfredini, Ace’s a home expert. The paint makeover tips are as follows:

1. Select the appropriate paint

Ace is offering a Ace Royal Finest which comes with a Scotchgard protector which helps in protecting against marks, stain and scuffs in the places of the house such as bathrooms, kitchens and hallways.

2. Proper tools are to be used

Professional grade paint brushes and paint rollers need to be used. One of the best varieties of brushes available in this category can be of Purdy and Wooster having the capacity to paint evenly and ensure it lasts longer. All these rollers come with replaceable frames which are made of heavy gauge bearing, good end bearings which can handle and accommodate extenders too.

3. Prep the Space

A person needs to fill the holes and cracks before he starts painting. After which he needs to apply painter tapes. Ace offers the Frog Tape which is very convenient to be used as it comes with a technology which can block paint and seal the edges to prevent paint from entering inside.

4. Paint like the Pros

In the course of dipping the brush and start painting one should take care of the fact that only a third of the brush needs to be dipped inside so that wastage can be reduced. Another fact that needs to be kept in mind is that one should be careful enough to grasp the metal band and hold it securely. With the use of a roller at a single time a person can paint about 3-4 foot sections in W pattern. The sections that left remain while painting can be covered up by horizontal and vertical strokes. This further helps to maintain the right pattern and smoothness of the surface.

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