CIGNA and Health Tour Awareness

Health is a condition of a person in which he is either healthy or unhealthy, most commonly it is the condition of organism when it functions without any disease. There is a saying – “Good Health is a Key to Success” and to live a healthy life is must for everyone, but how many of us in real take care of it? Undoubtedly, this is the most important miss of our life, when we ignore our health.

CIGNA is working in the medical field. It is a life insurance company that tries to cover medical insurance and provide their customer quality insurance services. This company has started working with a mobile learning lab program to create the awareness of health among common people.

CIGNA health tour awareness is a program that is taking bold steps to give medical support to the people. It gives an effective and timely medical education that empowers the patients to participate in an active role for maintaining their personal health. CIGNA is committed to provide the best possible services and information regarding healthcare. They intend to benefit their patients in the following ways by identifying adverse drug reactions, inform members about their health, chronic disease management etc. the topics that are in focus now a days are obesity, mind-body connection, childhood obesity and how to read food labels and tips for portion control.

For CIGNA health tour awareness, CIGNA started a special mobile learning service which visits one place to another place to solve people’s health problems. Anyone can reach to this mobile service to know about the medical and health related information with the use of software, pharmacy, and lab data combined with other medical facilities as the CIGNA’s mission is to make things easier and compatible for everyone. It gives free health care education so that everyone can live a healthy life.

This mobile van comprises of six departments and one of the departments educates peoples about the unhealthy facts of life, where the staff members provide information about diseases like obesity, hypertension, diabetes and other health statistics that are really affecting our nation. Obesity is the main issue of CIGNA because 86% of Americans are being predicted to be overweight till year 2015. The second department focuses to motivate people upon self exploring the causes of health problems that prevail in our community.

These different segments are an experimental on 18 wheels that create awareness and understanding of traditional and non-traditional health influences.

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