Tips for Controlling Our Life

Controlling Stress

You might have heard this sentence from many people ‘I am loosing controls over my life’ but have you ever thought about the reason behind this feeling. A little thinking will let you understand why this thing is happening but the main is to ponder because without thinking about your life you are living a life of a Robot who doesn’t have his own feelings and who never thinks why certain situations are happening with him. Controlling our life means to understand what is happening to us and where our life is taking us and controlling can be said to be dealing with our stress, our tensions and building the ability to solve the problems.

Photo by JolsAriella
Photo by JolsAriella

In this article I am going to discuss with you some of the very important tips which can prove to be very convenient in fighting against you stress and worries and giving your life under your complete control.

  1. Every human has certain set of values which he practice throughout his life and while doing anything you have to ask yourself, am I doing according to my values? When you have a feeling that you are unable to reach your goal though you are working hard then ask yourself if your priorities and values are matching or not, Setting your priorities with your values will give you more strength to reach your goals.
  2. Find out the activity about which you are very passionate but have fears to do that. When you’ll get to know about all of those activities then motivate yourself for performing them. It’s the time to come out of your fears because if you are afraid now you’ll be afraid forever and the other will get a chance to rule over your fears. While facing your fears you’ll get the courage to fight and this will help you in controlling your life.
  3. In order to reach certain point or destination you are required to set your goals first. These goals will fuel your intent and you will get more strength to achieve them. If you don’t have any goals then your life is same with that of the Robot who performs every action on the orders of others.
  4. When you’ll decide about your goals then make a full planning to achieve the goals, this life is a game and without a game plan you can achieve nothing in this life. For taking planned action to get your goals first write all of your goals and prioritize them and then try to take steps at the ideal time. Be a pessimistic and enjoy every moment of your journey in achieving your goals.
  5. In the passage of controlling you life the most required thing is self discipline that takes all you have learnt and puts it into action. To reach the goals always have faith that one day the goal will be in your hands, trust yourself and your abilities, Self discipline comes very obvious when we have strong desire for something and we try every plan to reach that goal.

These are some of the very important suggestions which if practiced fully can give you a complete control of your life which on the other hand will be helpful in achieving the goals you have set in your minds for your life.

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