Tips For Staying Fit Without Going To The Gym

We all do it; we buy that gym membership after Christmas with the best intentions. We overindulged over the holiday season and we need to get back into shape. It’s always top of the new year’s resolutions! But then it gets to February and work is crazy, the kids need constant attention and you’re exhausted. Before you know it, a month passes and you haven’t even thought about the running machine.

It’s hard to stay fit with such hectic schedules. But it really is important. Not only does it release endorphins and make you feel better, but it’s vitally important for your health. A lack of fitness can lead to heart problems such as tachycardia (an unusually high heart rate). This is not to be confused with bradycardia which is an unusually slow heart rate. Too much exercise causes bradycardia! Since you’re reading this, we can probably rule that out. Here are a few tips to squeeze fitness into your work and home life. Those calories won’t burn themselves.

Image Credit: Ed Yourdon

At Work

Balancing your work life with exercise or social activity can be tough. But exercising at work can be great as it will help you break up your day. You’ll get a small work-out and the day will slip by. If there’s good weather, take your meetings outside. Walk while you talk. Walking actually helps you articulate better too because of the increased blood flow. Smart and healthy.

Stand at your desk. Sitting down for long periods of time can lead to all kinds of back problems. Stretching out your back can keep you in good shape and help build up strength in your legs.

You could also make time for some bicep curls at your desk. You could try some clenches or other subtle exercises.

On The Commute

Depending on how close you are to work, try switching up your commute. Walk, if possible. You only need 30 minutes of raised heart rate a day to burn calories. If you can squeeze in a brisk walk at either end of the day, you’ll easily hit this target. If it’s a bit further, then cycle. They say that those who walk or cycle to work are the happiest. And you’ll also save plenty of money on fuel costs.

At Home

Work-out during commercial breaks. You get around 15 minutes of commercials every hour in little three minute segments. Perfect for exercising! Try running on the spot until your programme starts again. Then switch it to star jumps. Then to a plank. You can get an all-round exercise all whilst watching the TV.

You can also try working out while cooking. Grab some tins and use them as weights. Perfect for some bicep curls or squats.

The key is to incorporate short bursts of exercise into your daily life. Finding a full hour to hit the gym might be impossible, but ten minutes here and there is easy. You’ll keep your heart rate nice and low and you’ll feel all the better for it.


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