Tips for Winter Makeup

Winter Makeup

The winter arrival makes everything to be changed and the first though which comes in your mind is of your outlook, your skin, your clothes and other things like that. In winter you have to look for some cares which will make you fresh in that dry season. Your concern about the skin should never finish after moisturizing but you have to look for the winter makeup as well.

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The winter is so glamorous for the make-up that summer can never be. The two words which can best describe the winter make up are polished and dark. The smoky and chocolaty shade for eyes and fresh cherries looks on your lips and cheeks will make you stylish than never before. Just like your wardrobe you have to change the contents of your make bag as well.

  • Your first preference for make-up should be your face so first of all choose some fine and authenticated moisturizers for your face. In the choice of moisturizers always look for one which is for your skin type don’t go for a moisturizer that was working best on your friends skin but choose one according to your skin requirements. The moisturizer doesn’t fits well in the day time because of sunlight so you should go for a foundation according to your skin tone and which also covers from sunlight. You are lucky now days in choice of foundations because of diversity of shades according to every skin tone so match a one according to your skin’s tone.
  • The second important part of body for make-up is your eyes. Look for some kind of eye shadows which best suits your wintery style. Try to go for black or dark brown shades as they are considered best for the winter season. The amount of color applied should be according to your daily routine; like if you are in some profession then you need a decent look and for that try to apply little amount of color and if you are teenager then more color will give you more funky look.
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    Now come to your lips, just like your skin moisturizer is also important for your lips so always try to use cream or glycerin on them at night this will make them soft and pretty. Then the color of lipsticks according to winter styles is also important so it would be better to go for a Pinky or reddish shade according to your style. The cherry colors are very famous or the winter season because they give you a very fresh look so try to give them your preference.

  • Now come to the cheeks just like the other face parts they also need to be polished so try to give them a proper blusher every day and the choice of color should be according to your choice. The preferred colors for the winter and which give you a very shiny look are the Pink shades, try to go for these shades but always match them with your skin tone and specially with lipsticks.
  • Now last but not the least try to give proper care to your hairs because they suffer most because the chilling wind. Use coconut oil properly on the hairs and scalp daily at night this will give them proper moisturizer and a shiny look which is very much needed with a winter makeup. Now the choice of hair color should always be according to your skin tone and you must use a well known brand as it is the matter of your hairs and once they get spoiled it’s almost impossible to bring them back to life.

These are some of the very important tips which you should carry in order to look gorgeous and stylish. Remember the selection of every make-up product should be according to your skin tone and the selection of all make-up products should be balanced to have a decent yet charming look.

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