Thick Hair Care

Hair Care

Thick or the coarse hair actually refers to thickness of the hair strand and is basically characterized by a large volume of  hair with more versatility as compared to the thin hair.

Here are few tips for the thick hair care:

1. Blunt cuts must be avoided, as it will make your hair look more bushy.

 sPhoto by Nikki-Dee

2. Try a layered cut. And if your hair is thick as well as curly, then cuts that emphasize your curls is  suggested.

3. Thick hair is also vulnerable to dryness of scalp. Therefore, one should avoid the hair products containing alcohol for example, hair sprays and gels.

4. Avoid curling iron as much as possible. Apply mild shampoo to provide more softness.

5. If you want to color your thick hair, apply high or low lights rather than going for one color. Choose lighter color, it makes hair to look thinner while dark hair color makes it more denser.

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