Ugg Boots cleaning Method

Clean Ugg Boots

Boots are warm and comfortable, because they are made up of twin-faced or double-faced sheepskin and wool. You never want to keep them off when they look dirty. Therefore, a proper way is require for their prevention and cleaning.

Photo by alifa88
Photo by alifa88

In the cleaning of ugg boots special products of ugg cleaning is required which are expensive. Don’t worry if you don’t have these items than simple household items are enough for the cleanliness of these boots. Simply follow the steps given below your ugg boots give the same look as the day one.

  1. Lightly wet the outside of ugg boot in cold water. Never wet the whole boot because by doing so you will loose the shape of your boot.
  2. Take a cleaning solution, which is suitable for cleaning leather. Take same ratio of water and cleaning solution and mix it well. Then dip a sponge in mixture and slightly wipe over the outside of the boot.
  3. Use another sponge, dip it in cold water, and wipe the outside of boot again with this new sponge.
  4. Take some paper towel or some pieces of newspapers and put these into the boots. So the shape of yours boots is preserved.
  5. Put them at any place to dry .But keep in mind never place them in direct sunlight or near heat source.
  6. As the boots, become dry. Use a suede brush or a cloth that is lint free, and apply it on the outer side of boot.
  7. If some stains are present inside the boot, mix corn flour and baking powder in the same ratio and spray inside the boot.
  8. Leave for a night and then remove the surplus by shaking the boot and putting it upside.

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