Eye’s Exercise and Care

Eye Care

The eyes are the best part of your face which shows your internal emotions and increase your beauty but they also require proper attention and care and it should be your routine to work for the increased beauty of your eyes. It has been proved medically that Vitamin A,B and C are very essential for the good care of your eyes and the best natural source to get these Vitamins are carrots, celery, spinach and other food like this.

Photo by Latina Vega Photography
Photo by Latina Vega Photography

Below I am going to give you some very useful tips which can nourish and beautify your eyes.

  1. First of all try to avoid those factors which give strain to your eyes and for that remember some very important things, don’t study in dim light, don’t read continuously in buses and trains, don’t stare at anything for so long without blinking your eyes and don’t rub your eyes to hard. Strain for the eye not only affects the eye sight but also affect the natural brightness and color of your eyes.
  2. There are some very healthy exercises for your eyes which can make the internal cells strong and help improving eye sight. Lift the eyes from ceiling to the floor for about 10 times daily, look straight ahead and then right and left also repeat it for 3 4 times, first move the yes in the clockwise direction and then in the anticlockwise. These simple exercises don’t consume much time but provides some very pleasant benefits to your eyes.
  3. The eye brows and eyelashes should be brushed daily and then rubbed with the olive oil for the nourishment of hairs and their shine.

These were some of the very easy steps which can give your eyes very good effects and one thing which you have to perform more is to do a blended eye makeup for your eye with the skin and your eyes will be more beautiful and shiny.

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