A Small Accident Could Be Catastrophic For Your Health


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Do you take enough care of your body? You might eat right, sleep well and exercise regularly. But are you wary of an small accident you could face at any stage in your life. You might step out on to the road at the exact wrong time. Or, you could slip on a wet floor. You might think that the chance of this happening is quite small. But here’s a worrying fact. Spinal cord injuries are on the rise and are now up to five hundred thousand per year. That statistic should alarm you because a simple slip on a wet surface could cause this injury. An injury that could have been prevented if you were more careful. That’s why it’s important that you know what to do if you suffer this type of accidental injury.

1) Recognise The Hazards:

You might see a wet floor. If a floor is wet it’s probably best to take care when walking on it. Otherwise, you might lose your grip, slip and fall. If there’s no sign for the wet floor whoever owns the property is legally accountable. But let’s forget about that fact for the moment. It’s important that you recognise hazards that could cause an injury before you experience them. If you’re working in an office you may even want to rectify the situation. Another example would be a loose wire across the floor. Someone could trip and damage their neck. Or, what about a dimly lit stairwell? These are environments where you should be extra cautious. You can find more about hazards on http://www.healthyworkinglives.com.

While there may be some people who see a hazard and attempt to injure themselves, they are in the minority. Most people would rather keep their health instead of risking it to get a quick payout.


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2) After The Accident:

Of course, some accidents can not be prevented. Even if you recognise that the floor is wet, you could still slip and fall. At that point, the owner of the property is still accountable. You should stay wherever the accident occurred until someone notices. If you do think someone else was the blame,  make sure you take pictures of the scene with your phone. You might think that the incident was harmless enough. But an underlying injury might present itself later after you go to the doctors. If you do want to make a claim it’s important you have the evidence you need.

3) See A Doctor:

No matter how small the accident may have been, you should always go see a doctor. Tell them what happened and let them perform whatever checks they think are necessary. They might find an injury that you have missed. Concussions are common in accidental falls and are often missed because victims don’t remember hitting their heads. But a doctor will be able to see the signs and help. Once a doctor has recognised you have been injured you might then want to call an accidental injury attorney. You can find more information on http://fountaininjurylaw.com/.

4) Speaking To Your Attorney:

Finally, don’t forget that the most important thing is your health. If the injury is treatable with no permanent damage, there’s no reason to contact a lawyer. But, if the injury is going to affect your life, you have every right to make a claim. Not doing so, could ultimately weigh you down with the regret of not reducing the impact the injury has on your life in the future.


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