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Hair Care


Easy way to get Long Hair

Easy way to get Long Hair

Every girl dreams to have long hair! Well if you want to long your hair, then don’t only dream about it, grow it! There are some ways which helps you to grow your hairs. Main thing is that you have to know about those tricks. You have to trim damaged areas, including split ends or poorly maintained layers. Try revert to your natural hair color if it is possible, or begin usi... More »


Hairstyles According To the Shape of Face

Hairstyle is considered to be the best factor which can add up to ones beauty and while selecting the hairstyle you should go for one which suits best with your face. Before going onto selecting the haircut for you always remember that the long hairs are the true beauty of every women and if you have plenty of time for hair care than there is no need to go for some particular short s... More »


Thick Hair Care

Hair Care Thick or the coarse hair actually refers to thickness of the hair strand and is basically characterized by a large volume of  hair with more versatility as compared to the thin hair. Here are few tips for the thick hair care: 1. Blunt cuts must be avoided, as it will make your hair look more bushy. 2. Try a layered cut. And if your hair is thick as well as curly, then c... More »


Greasy Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips Do you know that greasy or oily hair is not due to the oily scalp, but its opposite. Yes, dry scalp is the main reason for the oily hair. Therefore, to take care of the greasy hair you have to give emphasis on dry scalp. Here are few tips to get rid of a oily hair: 1. Do not wash your hair daily. Washing stimulates the sebaceous glands which as a result will secrete more... More »


Hair Cuts to Match with your Face Cut

Hair Cuts Short hair itself creates few problems in one way or the other. The most important thing which you have to take in to consideration is to match the hair cut with the shape of your face. imageby .Katy Well, there are main 7 basic facial shapes that are oval, round, square, diamond, rectangle, triangular, and heart. It is also true that not every hair cuts looks good in all face cuts... More »