Hairstyles According To the Shape of Face

Hairstyle is considered to be the best factor which can add up to ones beauty and while selecting the hairstyle you should go for one which suits best with your face.

Photo by The Creative Control
Photo by The Creative Control

Before going onto selecting the haircut for you always remember that the long hairs are the true beauty of every women and if you have plenty of time for hair care than there is no need to go for some particular short styled haircut just a little trimming is more than enough. Below in this topic I am going to discuss the shapes of face and the respective hairstyle which suits those faces so let’s have a look.

  • One of the most common shapes of face of ladies is the round shape which looks best with the hairstyles that give angle to the face. For the ladies who have round faces it is suggested that they should go for the short haircuts with more hairs on the top and less on the sides.
  • Another shape of face is the square shape and they look great with curly and wavy hairstyles that use to round off angles of your face. The waves which are worn towards the forward edges of your face suits best for the square faces.
  • Then comes the oval face which is best for hairstyling because a series of hairstyles can be selected for these faces. The hairstyles for such faces can be made attractive by wearing hairs straight or slightly wavy and they will look great if you held them back from your face.
  • Triangular face is another shape which is best suitable for the hairstyles as many hairstyles can be selected for such faces. For such faces you are suggested to go wear faces away from your face at your forehead and temples and softly waved or curled around the jaws.

Understanding the true shape of your face and then selecting hairstyle according to it should be an activity which will add beauty and style to your personality. So try to give some attention and your looks will change as a whole.

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