Hair Cuts to Match with your Face Cut

Hair Cuts

Short hair itself creates few problems in one way or the other. The most important thing which you have to take in to consideration is to match the hair cut with the shape of your face.

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Well, there are main 7 basic facial shapes that are oval, round, square, diamond, rectangle, triangular, and heart. It is also true that not every hair cuts looks good in all face cuts.

Here are few tips for the hair cut that will look good on your face cut:

Heart-shaped faces:

Women with heart shaped face have wide foreheads and smaller chin. She will look best in a layered bob which has a lots of volume in it. Other than this, asymmetrical cuts  also goes well with this facial cut.

Oval-shaped faces:

Oval shaped women have high foreheads with narrow and round chins. This is best balanced face cut that goes well with any hair cuts.

Diamond-shaped faces:

This shape is characterized by a narrow forehead with wider cheeks and a small and pointy chin. The hair cut which gives bit more fullness on crown of the head looks good as it will balance out the wider cheeks.

Rectangular-shaped faces:

Rectangular face women generally have long and high foreheads and well defined chins and jaws. For this type of face cut women shoulder length or a chin length hair cut would be best. This will not show attention along the length of your face and will five extra softening effect as well.

Round shaped faces:

This face shaped women have wide foreheads with full jaws. Most of the styles will look good on it but it will be best if there is fullness shown above the ears. Well, asymmetrical cuts does well too.

Square shaped faces:

This face shaped women are characterized by the “lantern” type jaw and wider foreheads. They need graduated cut with more volume on the crown.

Triangular shaped faces:

These women are widest at jaw and narrow at the temple. They can accommodate almost all styles but should avoid more volume at the top or on the crown of the head.

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