Paul Walker will appear in Commercial of Davidoff Cool Water as its “New Face

Paul Walker is excited to be associated with the Davidoff Cool brand and said, “I have a really intimate relationship with the ocean and Davidoff Cool Water is the quintessential ocean fragrance. I am honored to be the new face of this campaign.”

Davidoff Cool Water-Success Story Began in 1988

Davidoff launched its finest fragrance Cool Water in 1988, sine then it became the top choice of majority of people because of its soothing fragrance. Davidoff Cool Water was among the top perfumes of 20th century and still now people simply love its smell. To make it more famous and mark its name among the leading perfumes of 21st Century an extra plus is added this time in its advertisement campaign. Guess What? He is the craze of millions-The Paul Walker, the leading star of “The Fast and the Furious”. With the involvement of Davidoff Cool Water to Paul Walker, this brand will gain more popularity.  A part from “The Fast and the Furious” “Flags of Our Fathers”, Eight Below”, “Joy Ride” and “Takers” are among the key hits of this new Cool Water star.

Paul Walker-The New Face of Davidoff Cool Water

You will be able to see the first TV commercial that features Paul Walker in July; Paul Walker is the new face of Davidoff Cool Water, he signed an agreement with Coty Prestige which is the division of Coty Inc.

Reasons to Choose Paul Walker as the “New Face”

Paul Walker was the main actor in the documentary series of National Geographic Channel i.e. “Expedition Great White” which aimed to study the nomadic patterns of White Sharks. Francoise. The main reason to feature him as the new face of Davidoff Cool water is his background; he was the ex student of marine biology and has keen interest in marine and ocean life. Let’s see how much benefit Davidoff Cool Water will get from the repute and background of Paul Walker.

Mariez of Coty Prestige said, “Paul Walker is the natural choice to represent Davidoff Cool Water. He truly embodies the value of this legendary fragrance. Not only thanks to his personal commitment around oceans, but also for the intense energy, powerful masculinity and cool attitude that characterize him.”

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