Have a Drink but Adopt the Smart Way

Photo by: Sprit Media
Photo by: Sprit Media

Drinking is one of the favorite habits of most of the people of world but this thing is not hidden from anyone that over-drinking can have really horrible affects on the health and many drinkers are helpless with their over drinking habit. Here is some real good news for the people, who always want to raise the glass; people aged above 60 can have lower Alzheimer’s disease risk and other dementias risks if they consume a moderate amount of alcohol daily as according to American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. Here is a complete drinking plan provided for the people who want to have the moderate amount of alcohol and control their desires for over drinking.

  • The first step for moderate drinking is to have one to 28 drinks per week and you have to keep the check on the number of drinks which your are taking in a week and strict yourself not to drink more than this amount.
  • You have to realize this fact that the research was not a supportive one for the alcohol drinkers because it forces mainly on the moderate consumption of alcohol, just make a habit to have a drink with your dinner, lunch or one in the evening and stick to that particular time of drink.
  • You may fulfill your desires of alcohol consumption by drinking some healthy alcohols like wine and try to avoid fatty drinks like mudslides. Drinks loaded with lots of calories can have drastic affects for health so they should be avoided.
  • Try to realize the drawbacks which may arise because of extra drinking, many old aged people don’t try to even look for the consequences of their drinking habit but this is really a bad attitude and if you want to adopt the smart way of drinking then you should realize the consequences.

These are not only the suggestion for the moderate drinking but in fact it is a whole way of drinking that can help people to adopt the smart way of drinking.

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