Herbal Tips to Cure Acne

Tips to Cure Acne

Acne is one of the major skin problems that are faced by a large mass of ladies worldwide and for many ladies the cure of acne seems impossible but this is not actually so.


It is a common belief of our society that medical treatments are best for curing the acne problems but the reality is that nature has provided many gifts for ladies in getting rid of pimples and other skin problems. In this article I am going to give you some very useful herbal treatments that can bring along beauty for your face along with curing the most annoying acne problems.

  • One very useful natural thing for curing acne is tea tree oil that is obtained from Melaleuca alternifoliais tree from Australia. It contains very affective bacteria fighting agents that are affective for your skin even more than your imagination.
  • Aloe Vera another great gift for the girls with acne problem, the watery gel obtained from Aloe Vera is a highly affective natural cure for acne because this enzyme rich gel has got some good anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that are mainly required for curing acne problems.
  • Zinc supplement brings some really great wonders for the skin with acne, taking 50 milligram a day or even twice a day keeps the skin fresh and clear from pimples and you won’t be requiring any other supplement.
  • A natural herb named Echinacea is a great gift of nature for the acne problems and if your want to solve your acne problems with this herb then you can take it either orally or apply it over your skin.
  • Another herb found very affective for the acne problems of skin is the Oregon grape root that can be applied as a cream or some experts also suggests taking it orally for the perfect clear skin.
  • Apart from herbal another home remedy for curing the acne problems is honey, 1 tsp of honey when mixed with water is very good for the skin blemishes and it leaves the youthful and glowing results on your skin.
  • Crush or ground 7-10 leaves of Neem when swallowed with a glass of water leaves some really good results on your skin by bringing acne free clearer and fresh skin.
  • The juice of one fresh lime when added with a glass of boiled milk acts as a perfect face wash for the skin with acne problems. You will observe the acne free skin within few days.

These were some of the tips that nature has provided for the help of those ladies who are worried about the acne problems of their skin. A little care and attention is required and then you can have the clear and youthful skin that can bring the attractiveness in your personality.

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