Gynaecologists finally have a tampon they can recommend

A new bold innovation for feminine protection the RepHresh Brilliant pH tampons coming from the makers of RepHresh Vaginal Gel & RepHresh Pro-B.

Since the invention around 9 decades back in the year 1929 tampons have been developed for serving a simple and basic purpose of absorbing and retaining fluids. But with the launch of the RepHresh Brilliant pH Tampon, Tampons got smarter now. This new innovative product has the capacity of reducing the vaginal pH increase during a woman’s period. For years now gynaecologists have been stressing importance on reducing the increase of pH during a woman’s period. The menstrual fluids have elevated pH levels when compared to woman’s normal non-menstrual vaginal pH range.

RepHresh Brilliant will be first of its kind having the capacity of reducing the pH increase besides proving an excellent leak protector and absorber. The pH is actually a measure of acidity in a vaginal environment. The pH range of blood in a healthy women ranges from 3.5 to 4.5 whereas it goes up to 7.4 at the time of a woman’s period.

RepHresh Brilliant pH Tampons have clinically proved for reducing the usual pH increase in a woman’s period. Upon insertion the pH tampon acts rapidly by bringing down the pH levels to the normal range. After that when the pH absorbs more fluids the pH reducing Micro Ribbons flow technology gives an additional support to the woman’s body. This additional support is required in order to maintain pH reduction during the use of the tampon period.

The RepHresh Brilliant is first of its kind and will be highly appreciated by the gynaecologists as the gynaecologists finally have a tampon they can recommend. For long now they knew about the need for a product which could actually reduce the pH increase during a woman’s period. RepHresh Brilliant pH Tampon has two major ingredients namely L-lactide and Citric acid. Both of these two are regarded as non-irritating ingredients responsible for reduction of the pH increase. One can get RepHresh Brilliant pH tampons at the Walgreens or buy it online at the

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