2011 Miss America

Miss America beauty pageant is run by the Miss America Foundation.  It has gained many achievements and given hope to so many young women.  Rather than running the pageant, it gives sponsorship to women for them to continue with their education.  Last year, it deposited 45 million to assist these women in pursuing their education.

So many young and beautiful American women are full of hope this time round.  With the current Miss America being crowned Miss World, its no surprise that 2011’s pageant will attract many dreamers.  To be included in the line up, the women have to over the age of 17 and are U.S citizens.  They also should not exceed the age of 24 and must not be attached-married.  The Miss America crown is not just about the beauty but also about the brains.  The participants should currently be in college or university.

Judgment on who becomes the winner is to be determined by a panel of judges who will work with the winners from other States.  It is judged in five categories:   Talent, interview, evening wear, fitness and lifestyle swimsuit and on stage questions.  Talent takes in 35%, Interview 25%, Evening wear 20%, fitness and lifestyle 15% and 5% for the on stage question.  Note that there are no marks for beauty.

The 2011 Miss America is going to be celebrating its 90th Anniversary.  It will be held in Las Vegas at the theatre for Performing Arts on January 15th.  Those competing for the crown will be drawn from the 50 states of America as well as from Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia.  The host of the show Saturday night show will be Chris Harrison.

The winner will have a chance to travel to Vietnam for the International pageant of the Miss World.  The US winner is awarded with a scholarship to further her education.  She will also have to travel all over the country -20,000 miles in a month to address people on different issues affecting the society.  She also takes the role of an advocate to creating awareness on different issues like drug abuse, poverty and gender violence.  In 2012, she will have to talk about what she was able to achieve and change with her crown.

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